Travis Michaels

Kith: Boggan

Title: Pizza Delivery Boy

House: None

Seeming: Wilder



Publically Known Information

Known History:
Order up!

What's that, pops? Oh, we got a new delivery boy? Yeah. I can show him the ropes. Take him on this run? You got it.

So, bet you were surprised to see me there. Yeah, I'm like you. I'm Travis, by the way. Hold on tight cause gotta be fast in the business. What's that? Oh, yeah, I don't mind working for pops. He takes care of me. Still, pops has his dream and me keeping it alive is my thing. He always wanted to make it big here in New York, but after ma vanished, all he's had was the pizzeria and me. I remember being little and always trying to help pa, just wanting to see him happy, cause we didn't have much. Still, I'm all about good food and good friends and keeping my pop's dream going.

What's that? How can I work in a place like that? Well, I keep trying to make it better and you meet all sorts of interesting people along the way. I find a good meal will warm many hearts. A good slice'll put a smile on your face, ya know. Still, with school and all, it can be rough. I try to study what I can. Been learning about biology cause yeast is really important to dough, the flavor, the texture. I keep trying to make pop's pizza the best out there and getting the word out. Oh, and don't lose that bag. That's my lucky bag. I've never had a pizza cool on me as long as I carry it in it.

Anyway, I've been living the whole double life for a while now. Go to school, go to work, go home and study and spend time with friends when I can. I love having friends over, but with food, it's different. I'm always innovating, trying new topping combinations, better balances of flavor. I want to make the best pie in New York some day and make pops proud of me. Pops thinks it's kinda funny what I'm willing to try, but he always lets me put a special pie up each week. Some weeks are good, some not so good, but there's always something new to try there and I'm always trying to make it better. Don't like the ingredients? Try to show me where I'm wrong. You won't, but you can try. I'm always up for a good argument, though. Pops thinks I should be a lawyer as much as I like to argue. I dunno. I like working in the kitchen, doing deliveries… it makes me feel needed, ya know.

Anyway, you keep the tip from this delivery. The Specoli's are really good tippers if you get the pizza there quick. Back to work.

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:

Deeds Done:


OOC Information

  • Sold his soul for tue essence of pizza flavor.
  • Not actually a Boggan, but a Nocker specializing in pizza construction.

Player - Rick Starkweather II

Location - Peoria, IL

Contact info - moc.liamtoh|nwadrafeht#moc.liamtoh|nwadrafeht

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