Toby Kensington

Kith: Satyr

Title: None

House: None

Seeming: Wilder

Appearance: Toby is a petite British woman in her twenties, with glossy dark hair, cream-complected skin, and a classically angled face. She also has small, curved horns, goat legs, and eyes the color of molten, fired gold. She seems fit enough, though it's clear if one looks that she's curvy and soft at the edges. (Appearance 4, Changeling Eyes)


Publically Known Information

Known History:
Coming from a somewhat mysterious background, this Satyr has been living in New York since roughly a year and a half ago. Originally from the Isle of the Mighty, she has traveled extensively, finally landing in Northern Reaches to go to Columbia University for a degree in Culinary Arts. A passionate food enthusiast, she is the creator of Poulet Supreme.

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:

Deeds Done:

  • Regularly feeds the Changeling populace, especially the Trolls. She's always ready for guinea pigs to test her newest creations!
  • Rewarded by Count Gwillim for her part in the rescue of a childling Sidhe from being kidnapped during his Chrysalis.
  • Rescued the Kinain Jane from the grips of the Nightmare Spiders under Grand Central Station.


Under Construction…


OOC Information

  • Vianne Rocher, "Chocolat"
  • Kate "No Reservations"
  • Chef Didier "Last Holiday"
  • Julia Child
  • Elizabeth Bennett "Pride and Prejudice"
  • Poulet Supreme is the code name for a plot to take over Concordia!
  • Toby killed her last mentor with Cold Iron. She only claims to be in mourning!
  • Toby is the cousin of an English Duke!
  • Someone is obsessed with hurting Toby, and they won't stop, no matter what the cost.
  • Despite popular belief, her name is *not* Kunta Kinte.
  • Mentioned in Prophecy as the "Inciter of Passions"
  • She's a Firebug, with a taste for human flesh…

Closer to Fine - The Indigo Girls
The Money Song - Cabaret
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
Giant - Melissa Etheridge
God Save the Queen - Numerous
Good ol' Fashioned Loverboy - Queen
Ænima aka "Learn to Swim" - Tool
On my Own - Les Miserables

Player Info

Player: Katie (KT) Faulkner

Location: Denver, CO

Contact info: moc.liamg|lagrehtehw#moc.liamg|lagrehtehw

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