At some point, things happened.

Then some other things happened. But not before certain events. Details to come, oh yes.

So, you want to know what happened? History of New York, and the fae? Too many whispers, too much lost to tell…without a price. But let's talk…and what's that you have there? Oh…oh that is shiny. Lovely. That'll get you something…But only just. - Myrtle Hodgeklinch the Fourth, Curator of the Forgotten Archives.

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1890s - Influxes of immigration brings new life
1920s - Prohibition and the dream of the jazz age combine, a number of Freehold speakeasies and clubs being opened to eke out any Glamour that could be found.
1930s - The Depression hits hard, and the smaller Changeling communities grow rougher and leaner.
1960s - The sixties are a strange decade for the Fae of New York, a rebirth amongst Changeling communities. Here saw broader organization again in a freeer feel.
1969 - July 21st - Man walks on the moon, and the gates to Arcadia reopen, returning five Houses that had for reasons unknown been exiled, the Sidhe on Earth again. Tensions mount almost immediately as various Sidhe begin to demand their right to rule and take various Freeholds.

The 1970s - War and Strife


  • May 1st: Beltaine - Several from the greater New York area go to the Sidhe-called Beltaine peace talks, which ends up being the Night of Iron Knives. This more or less touches off the Accordance War.
  • May 10th - Lord Dafyll ap Gwydion, holder of the sword Caliburn, takes control of Sidhe forces in San Francisco. Over time he becomes the de facto leader of the Sidhe War Effort. General Lyros of the Trolls soon rises to fill a similar role for the Commoners (though there are several other great Commoner generals).
  • November 14th - Albert Stone meets Countess Jessica ni Fiona with his motley, the Irregulars. Against the wishes of some members, Stone was pleasent to her. Both left the War and opened the River's Rest Freehold, a neutral location for healing and avoiding the armed conflict.


  • May 1st - Dafyll begins construction on the fortress stronghold of Tara-Nar in the Catskills.
  • October 2nd - The Battle of Niagra Falls.
  • December 25th - The Sidhe sweep towards New York City, snapping up the outer Boroughs quickly.
  • * December 30th - Lord Dafyll is murdered by unknown parties in the bowels of the city and Caliburn disappears. The Commoners rally, particularly the 4th Troll Commons, the Queens Own Commons, and the 2nd Brooklyn Infanty.
  • December 31st - True Thomas attempts to ferry a group of Sidhe Childlings to safety and get out of the city, persued by the 2nd Brooklyn Infantry. One, young David Ardry ap Gwydion, becomes somehow seperated from the group until he appears with the sword Caliburn in hand. True Thomas succeeds in getting them away and to Queen Mab's stronghold.

1974 - January 1st - The Sidhe are completely routed and kicked from Manhatten. The city remains contested for the rest of the War, but the focus goes elsewhere. Progressively conflicts become more localized.

  • October 23rd - Commoners meet with David.
  • December 2nd - The Treaty of Accord is signed and the Accordance War officially ends.


  • January 10th - High King David and Queen Mab put forth the royal charter for the Duchy of the Golden Sigil, consisting of all of New York State. Duke Kelodan, a well-liked Troll is elected by the majority to lead. Because High King David will hold Winter Court in New York City, Duke Kelodan agrees to base himself out of Albany.
  • May 3nd - First Beltaine Slaying - Jack Russel, a Pooka known to have worked for the Sidhe during the War, is found murdered the day after Beltaine with what is clearly cold iron. Some suspect involvement of the unknown Son of Sam as that paranoia builds, but this is later discarded when his identity is discovered.


  • May 6th - The body of Lula Taylor is found in the East River. Sluagh forensics state that the burns on body indicate killing with cold iron, likely from Beltaine night. Known as the Second Beltaine Slaying (although some suspect it more like the third).
  • July 5th - Noting the lack of vaguely familiar faces around as of late and feeling the heightened paranoia, Count Holt ap Gwydion discovers several Changelings of the city missing. Upon investigation two are found at the Bellview mental health facility, their fae souls completely Undone.
  • July 12th - One Officer Theodore DuPuis is determined to be Dauntain and responsible for the two Changelings' stay in the sanitarium that leads to their Undoing. Fae of the city are warned away from him.


  • January 1st - DuPuis' identity as one of the Fae is determined to have been Sir Rhys Brandon of the Cold Watch, a Knight of the Sidhe and former associate of Lord Dafyll. It is also determined that he has collected a small twisted version of motley in mockery of the Fae tradition, and that is one of the extremely dangerous Black Magician Dauntain.
  • September 17th - DuPuis is killed in "gang-related violence" and his disciples scattered or destroyed. Records credit them with the destruction or outright murder of nearly two dozen Kithain and Kinain by the time they are stopped.


  • May 2nd - Countess Stone ni Fiona is found murdered in her own garden, definitively with cold iron. Count Stone disappears for several weeks after. A nephew tells the story of the Stone Murder.
  • June 19th - A strong movement comes from…somewhere…calling for New York City to be its own Duchy. The idea spreads like wildfire, many Kithain annoyed (particularly after the dark times in the 1980s) with the percieved lack of support from the rest of the Duchy of the Golden Sigil.
  • July 4th - New York City, Rockland County and Westchester County are split from the rest and become the Duchy of the Crossroads. It is called such because, in the words of Queen Mab ni Fiona, "so many travel through here to and fro, so many tales and hopes and dreams and even legends borne on the backs of Dreamers."


  • August 17th - Baron Gideon Blackmoore ap Eiluned, Baroness Olwen Blackmoore ni Fiona, Squire Leo Blackmoore ap Fiona, Sir William Dupree ap Gwydion and Sir Sergio ap Dougal are all slain in Central Park by Cleopatra's needle. Ona Blackmoore Chrysalises and kills William Dupree; the sequence of hte other deaths is not well known. Ona is taken into custody by the Lord Marshall.
  • September 14th - Dame Blackmoore is released into the fosterage of Baron Daedalus ap Eiluned, her uncle and only living known relative.
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