Tacey Peterson

Kith: Sluagh

Title: None

House: None

Seeming: Wilder


Aliases/Nicknames: Gudrun

Publically Known Information

Known History:
Tacey Peterson takes the name Gudrun within Changeling society. She tends to be quiet and keep to herself, even for a Sluagh, so not much is known of her history or what she does. What follows are the basics that can be assumed to be known to true.

The first word that comes to mind with a lot when they think about Tacey is simple: street rat. She has connections in the mortal world in the drug market, where she deals specifically in Hallucinogens - drugs that, as she puts it, "inspire dreams and creativity instead of degredation."

Having said that, she knows how to gather secrets, and does so. Nobody knows exactly how. she knows so much; the fact that she usually takes secrets as payment surely can't account for all of it.

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:

Deeds Done:


OOC Information

  • Graverobber, Repo the Genetic Opera
  • Aladdin
  • Kaarin's near one-shot Unseelie Changeling
  • Her real name is….Stacey.
  • Tacey has dark power even she isn't aware of.
  • She is the daughter and heir of the Underlord

Player Info

Player: Kaarin

Location: Hyattsville, MD

Contact info:

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