Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Go to the Player Characters page, scroll all the way to the bottom and hit edit. That will bring up a text box that you can gasp edit! Scroll down to the Kith or Character type and copy the wiki-code form that's already there.

Hint: asterisk, space, square bracket x3, Your Name Here, square bracket x3

Step 2

Hit Save and when the page loads, your name should appear there in red. Click on your character's name.

Step 3

This will take you to the following message:

The page does not (yet) exist.
The page your-name-here you want to access does not exist.

create page

Click on create page

Step 4

Now you have a blank page with your name on it, yay! Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit save.

Step 5

Now you just need to fill the page with all kinds of information. There's a basic Template to fill out, so that you have a place to start and you can add pictures and links to other pages and all that exciting stuff.

Have fun!

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