Sir Francisco Carthage ap Fiona

Kith: Sidhe

Title: Knight

House: Fiona

Seeming: Wilder

Appearance: In his mortal seeming, Franky Rodriguez stands 6’2”, 205 lbs with deep brown (almost black) hair and dusky olive toned skin. His hair is lustrous and goes down to his shoulders, and he has a small (old looking) scar just under his left ear that is covered by the hair when not pulled back. His multi-coloured eyes dance, the colour of rich firelight glistening over silver.

His mien is perhaps even more lithe than his mortal body, carrying much the same weight but stretched to 6’5”. His skin shines, golden, almost shimmering and his hair is black as midnight and sways between his shoulder blades. The small scar under his ear expands, sliding back around the side of his neck and his eyes glow like a Spanish sunset over a sea of molten silver.

Sir Roanoke

Publically Known Information


Treasures - A Spear named Foeseeker

Known History:

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:
Knight to Count Talbot Roarke ap Dougal of the County of Kings;
Vassal of Duchess Eirene ni Fiona and her brother Duke Maecenas ap Fiona of the Duchy of the Crossroads;
Vassals of Mab ni Fiona, Queen of Apples

Temporarily in Service to Duke Maecenas ap Fiona

Deeds Done:

  • Defeated the Great Beast at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, claiming the treasure Foeseeker from the monster's corrupted hide.
  • Rescued the Kinain Jane from the grips of the Nightmare Spiders under Grand Central Station.
  • Retrieved several sprigs of Kingsblood Berries from the Discordant Wood from deep in the Dreaming


OOC Information


Prince Oberyn Martell - George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire
Sir Loras Tyrell - George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire
Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell - Top Gun
Johnny "Mox" Moxon - Varsity Blues
Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds - Firefly
Han Solo - Star Wars
Westley/The Man in Black - The Princess Bride
Carlos Ramirez- The Dresden Files

  • Sir Carthage is building a mercenary company.
  • Francisco has no real strength, it all comes from his spear.
  • He has a female benefactor within the Court of the Duchy of the Crossroads, though neither dares to speak of it publicly due to sometimes illicit nature of their relationship.
  • Francisco is having a torrid affair with the Duchess.
  • Franky Rodriguez was a complete prude until the returned soul of Sir Francis Carthage returned to Earth, transforming him into lusty man he is today.
  • He disappears from the Duchy from time to time in order to act as an escort and guard to a noble somewhere in Europe, bound by an oath from before the Shattering.
  • Francisco is nothing more than a gigolo.
  • Frankie's idol and role model is Dudley Do-Right!
  • The Duke has sent him as a spy to seduce the truth out of Dame Ona.

Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney and Wings
Cartoon Heroes - Aqua
Malaguena Salerosa - Chingon
The World is Not Enough - Garbage
Ordinary World - Duran Duran
Rise Up - Drowning Pool
Explosive - Bond
Just a Gigolo - David Lee Roth
No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age

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