Roter Draht

Kith: Redcap

Title: None!

House: None!

Seeming: Wilder

Appearance: Roter stands 7' tall and is broad of back and shoulder, a wall of a man. His eyes are so light a shade of blue that they're almost white and his hair which may once have been blond is now blood red. Roter is covered in scars, tattoo's, piercings and has bits of barbed wire sticking out of his flesh that seem fused with him. He's dressed in the tattered remnants of what looks like it might once have been a suit of some kind (ask for details).




Publically Known Information

Known History:

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:

Deeds Done:

  • Rewarded by Count Gwillim for his part in the rescue of a childling Sidhe from being kidnapped during his Chrysalis.


OOC Information


"Something Wicked This Way Comes"
Edmond Dantes - "The Count of Monte Cristo"
Jayne Cobb - "Firefly"
Sydney Carton - "A Tale of Two Cities"
The Marquis de Carabas - "Neverwhere"
Derek Vinyard - "American History X"

  • He is not really a redcap, he's a Troll in disguise
  • Roter Draht is so named for his effective use of garottes during his time as a spy for the Sidhe of Germany!
  • Has a Gaes that makes him loose Redcap kith abilities while a kitten is in the room
  • Roter is actually a form of Seelie Thallain, an anti-redcap. He's just really hungry.

The Recokoning - Godhead
In the Mood - Glenn Miller
Never Gonna Stop - Rob Zombie
Violent New Breed - Shotgun Messiah
In The Hall Of the Mountain King - Grieg
Fortunate Son - Dropkick Murphys
Swingin' the Blues - Count Bassey
Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots
Rope On Fire - Morphine
After The Flesh - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
O Fortuna - Carl Orff
People Who Died - Jim Carroll Band

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Player: Jeff N.

Location: Boston

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