Dame Ona Blackmoore ni Eiluned


Kith: Sidhe

Title: Knight

House: Eiluned

Seeming: Wilder

Appearance: In her mortal seeming she is easily 5’10 in bare feet, with long willowy limbs and natural grace. She is a pale, strange, ‘Goth’ girl with long dark hair that falls to the middle of her back and mercurial silver eyes. Her features are too angular, too sharp, to be considered a conventional beauty but she is undeniably striking.

Her Fae mien is even more so, with raven-black hair floats wind-blown to her waist, as if she has just come in out of a storm. Her ghostly pale skin almost luminescent and her silver – not grey, but true silver – eyes make her seem as though she has just stepped out of a black and white noir film. Only her lips hold any color – blood red. She dresses exclusively in black and shades of grey and often carries her Knightly Sword with her when she is out and about. (Surreal Quality, Changeling Eyes, Appearance x4)

Aliases/Nicknames: Hannah Van Wyck

Publically Known Information

Known History:


Ona is the daughter of Gideon Blackmoore ap Eiluned and his wife Olwen Blackmoore ni Fiona. The Baron and Baroness were brutally murdered, along with their 10 year old son, Squire Leo Blackmoore near the Obelisk known as ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’. Most long time residents of the city know that the murders took place during Ona’s chrysalis and by the time Lord Marshal Marshal arrived on the scene two other Sidhe lay dead.

In fact, it is said that she was found by the Lord Marshal anointing herself in her own father’s blood and that she was untouched by blade or magic while five Sidhe lay dead in a circle around her.

Whatever the rumors might be about her involvement in the deaths, it is public record that she was taken into custody by the Lord Marshal himself and brought to trial in order to determine her involvement. After weeks of interrogation and investigation she was acquitted of all charges and released into the Fosterage of her Uncle the Baron Daedalus Blackmoore.

Many question the wisdom of her release at all, much less to someone with the reputation for ruthlessness that Daedalus has earned. But, all of that was four years ago and she has not killed again… that anyone knows of.

For a more detailed history read: The Blackmoore Legacy

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:

  • Ona is an Errant Knight, sworn to no one.
  • She has no Motley - who would join a motley with someone they could never trust, right?

Deeds Done:

  • Rewarded by Count Gwillim for her part in the rescue of a childling Sidhe from being kidnapped during his Chrysalis.
  • Rescued the Kinain Jane from the grips of the Nightmare Spiders under Grand Central Station.
  • Located a childling Selkie who's mother had just been murdered, returning the boy to his uncle.
  • Retrieved several sprigs of Kingsblood Berries from the Discordant Wood from deep in the Dreaming


  • Discover the truth behind the murder of her family and avenge their deaths.
  • Clearing her name… bonus!

By her, or about her!

  • "Pooka are an advanced class."

OOC Information

Enjoy some of the amusing anecdotes from Ona's daily life.

  • Morgana Le Fae
  • Lady Macbeth
  • Ophelia - Hamlet
  • Pauley Perette (Actress: NCIS)
  • Isana (only not quite so selfish and blind) - Jim Butcher's Codex Alera
  • Alma Garrett - Deadwood
  • Sylia Stingray - Bubblegum Crisis
  • She murdered her whole family to get her hands on the fortune!
  • The Fiona curse is nothing compared to what happens to those who get close to Ona. She isn't just cursed, she IS a curse.
  • Never find yourself in her debt, you will regret it.
  • Ona is secretly Oath Bound to a member of the Shadow Court
  • The Sidhe who sained Ona died mysteriously the moment her True Name was revealed.
  • If you see Ona smiling, you're probably about to die.
  • The Lord Marshal has a personal grudge against her and will stop at nothing to see her punished for her crimes.
  • Ona pretends to be evil so that others don't get close enough to realize that she is just very lonely.
  • She is living on borrowed time and if she ever finds out who killed the rest of her family, she'll die too.
  • Ona is using Sir Carthage as a tool in some sinister game she is playing.

O Death - Ralph Stanley
Love Song - The Cure
42 - Cold Play
Paint it Black - Orchestral Version
Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holiday
The Trick is to Keep Breathing - Garbage
Fallen - Sarah McLachlan
The Suite from the episode "Hush" - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV)

Chapter 1
Wild is the Wind - David Bowie
Can't Cry These Tears Anymore - Garbage
Walk Away - Franz Ferdinand
Window - Fiona Apple
Brandy Alexander - Feist
Spirit - Dead Can Dance

It's Not - Aimee Mann

Chapter 2
For Once In My Life - Vonda Shepard
I Feel It All - Feist

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Keri (For all your Evil Princess Needs)

Somewhere on the lazy coast (West Coast)

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