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This page is for notable game locations and local groups of note…and for the miscellenious.


The Arena

Kithain history is filled with tales of legendary warriors, battles, decisive events that change the course of history and still inspire hearts today. Times have changed, but public spectacle has not. In a world where boxing, wrestling and any number of other fighting sports are popular, the Arena exists.

The Arena has always existed in some form; first as an underground duelling club, then a bareknuckle fighting ring and now…what it is. Some come to learn and train, but most come for the fights; be they spectators or participants. Located in midtown Manhatten, the Arena is part bloodsport and part legend come again. There are many types of battles here, some illegal even by Duchy and Kithain law (though often overlooked). Unarmed and armed combat of various degrees are popular here, but on some nights there are group battles, mounted combat, even the occasional duel fought for all to see. Some of the Duchy's best warriors have been trained there, and a few even done a stint in one of the rings.

The Arena is maintained by three Fae, each of them something of a local legend in their own right. Old Hob the Redcap, arena master who is rumored to have once killed a man just to watch him die (and eat his liver). Twist the Troll, who was a fighter in the arena until he lost one horn and now spends most of his time teaching others how to fight. Most feared of all three, LeRoy the Boggan is the managing operator and bookie here at the Arena. LeRoy is death against anyone who would try to fix one of her fights, and somehow manages to keep the city authorities who would shut them down happy and quiet (or outright ignorant).

The Library of Lost Whispers


Nominally housed around the 42nd Street Library, this amazing place mirrors its mortal counterpart and goes even further, seeming more of a museum or temple to the holiness of knowlege. Overseen by one librarian unknown to those not employed within its walls, several Fae and some stronger Chimera seem to work and reside in the Library. Most famous of the residents are the Chimerical reflections of the stone lions that guard the library's mortal seeming, Patience and Fortitude. In recent years two other branches connected to this library have been found; one at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn and another on the site of the Old Central Library in Queens.

Liberty's Flame

Liberty's Flame is the Ducal freehold of the Crossroads Duchy. With entrances in Liberty Park as well as on the island itself, to those looking outside the freehold seems to be within the torch of the Statue of Liberty. A place of elegant metals and flowing steps, this Freehold exists almost entirely within the local Dreaming; there is little to no physical counterpart.

The Lost Market

Not so much lost as temporarily misplaced, The Lost Market is a travelling bazaar and small fair both. The location changes every time, and only those in the know or who operate one of the shops or stalls may know where it at any given time. There are open market days every month where the Fae of the city may see the Market…or at least a version of it.
On a Market Day, the air is filled with a sense of wonder and trepedition, and extra stalls are set up for the occasional barter or swapmeet session.

In the past it has been said that anything can be purchased at the market if one can know from who and has the right price. Strange Treasures, teaching in rare or lost Arts, tomes of ancient lore, rare mystical componants (and captured creatures), a few more years of life, a soul jar…the lists of what has been storied go on and on. Here some rarer Fae can be seen…even the elusive Gallain or even some Prodigals, as well as (so rumors say) the occasional human granted an opportunity of a lifetime. Whispers of darker things are studiously ignored by most, but the wise know that every lie or rumor may carry a grain of truth.

Public Channels

These are settings and channels for general RP.

Washington Square Park

This park is located near West Fourth Street, and is central to NYU's campus. See Washington Square Park for full details of the park. Channel: #wdwsqpark

The Pub

This pub, held by a married duo of Knights (one Boggan and one Troll…don't ask how it works) is a popular spot amongst moderate and Royalist commoners as well as some more relaxed nobles. Here there is good solid wood furniture, a large stone hearth fireplace, hearty food and one of the best stock wine cellars and microbrew collections in the city. The name comes from a fine hand-lettered wooden sign outside and stained glass window, visable principally to Fae eyes.
The Pub also has sleeping rooms upstairs, and two small private rooms on the main floor. This is a place not just for fine company, but occasionally for travellers in need of a place to stay. Channel: #wdthepub

Societies and Organizations

Local Organizations and Societies

The 4th Troll Commons

One of the most destructive and potent Commoner units during the Accordance War, the 4th Troll Commons never quite went away. When all the Trolls threw themselves behind David as King, most of the members of the Commons accepted this after a time. Now looking towards the future, the Commons has been patrolling New York in small detatchments for years now. Some members are survivors of the War, some are newly recruited, but they have one thing in common; none will accept membership in any Sidhe House, and none seem to have Title (or if they do, are not loud about it). Needless to say, some Sidhe are made very uncomfortable by the thought of them still operating, even though they show every sign of supporting the current system.

The Hunt Club

There are always Fae beasts; here more than many places. The dream of Teddy Roosevelt of the Huntsman is still alive and well carried on by adventurous Kithain who afford him honorary membership. To join one must fell an impressive creature as well as have sponsorship of one member. Membership is known by their current sigil; a golden arrow thrust against a silver moon. This group is primarily Sidhe and primarily nobility; Commoners considered worthy of joining may find themselves made Squires.

Major Societies

The Crystal Circle

It is commonly believed that there are at least three members of the Crystal Circle operating within the Duchy area.


The Voice of Freedom

It's source, writers and contributors unknown, the Voice of Freedom is a semi-regular political newspaper printed exclusively for Changelings. Though it will sometimes overlook the mortal political situation it primarily looks at the politics of Tara Nar, the Duchy of Crossroads, the Kingdom of Apples and all Concordia. The Voice seems to take particular delight in chewing out local nobles for their decisions, sometimes as much as smear campaigns. It enjoys "uncovering" scathing details and seems to have hatred on a few particular nobles; though generally decried by the nobles (and many commoners) of the city, it seems to have a large readership. One enterprising young Dougal journeyman has begun his own newspaper to counter it, The Light of Truth…but he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Poulet Supreme

Rumored to be the destruction of Trolls, the noble hierarchy or even powerful enough to end desire for any other food, the legend of the Poulet Supreme grows in fits and starts. Word is go to the Satyrs and ask for Toby.

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