Kadyn Lawrence

Kith: Satyr

Title: None

House: None

Seeming: Wilder

Appearance: Kadyn is a woman of average height (5'5") in her early twenties. Her long dark hair frames around her softly rounded face where her dark brown eyes peer out to another. She has small nubs of horns and goat legs which the fur is as dark as her hair ontop of her head. She has a soft athletic form that shapes the curves of her frame. (Appearance 3)


Publically Known Information

Known History:
Coming from a somewhat mysterious background, this Satyr has been living in New York since roughly a few days. Originally from the Isle of the Mighty, she has traveled extensively, finally landing in Northern Reaches to go to Columbia University for a degree in the Performing Arts. Singing and Acting seems to be her game as she likes to give a good show, either it be on stage or in an open field. Those know she's good with the bow and an arrows, and take an apple off another head with no problem.

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:

Deeds Done:



OOC Information

  • Kadyn came to New York to follow her dreams… of becoming the next great celebrety Madam!

Player Info

Player: Mandy Shick aka Kitty_OoC

Location: West Memphis/Marion, AR

Contact info: moc.liamg|nekasrof.erup#moc.liamg|nekasrof.erup

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