Various bits of information to help better explain the setting and game world. Also some thing so one dosn't have to go leafing through the books each time they want to find something out.

This all looks interesting, but… just what IS a Changeling anyway?

Wow, that sounds like fun… but, what's are Kiths and Houses?

Neat! They get superpowers right… what about these Arts I keep reading about?

Hey, this is brilliant, how do I get my character involved in the local Timeline?

Who are the Characters and Player Characters already in play? I could want to set up ties with them after all!

Hey, are there any in character rules or Fae Traditions I should know about?

What about out of character or House Rules do you have any?

Okay, so, now I've played for a little while… and have all these experience points what can I use them for?

Hey, some people have neat crests for their characters, where do I get one?

Have any questions that aren't answered here? Why not moc.liamg|vodkwah#?relletyrotS eht ksa Could work!

Relevant things for game!

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