Old lore and old memories speak of there being thirteen noble Houses of Arcadia, thirteen Houses of the Sidhe. Each House is associated with one of the Courts, Seelie or Unseelie, prizing certain virtues and having a particular focus to their House. For Sidhe and those Commoners whom have been asked or honored with membership, matters of House are as important if not moreso than Kith or Court.
There are five Houses known to have returned from Arcadia in 1969, and whispers arise that they were banished back to Earth each for unknown reasons. The other Houses are somewhat less known, but whispered of in fear. There's even tell of one rarely seen House who never quite left Earth, instead blending with humanity in a manner similar to the other Fae. To learn more about the five Seelie Houses, it is reccomended for one to seek out Noblisse Oblige: The Book of Houses.

House Dougal


Probably the most practical of all the noble Houses, with far less interest in politics than other Houses. Members of this House are usually excellent crafters, and smiths. They are able to weave Glamour into their undertakings, but suffer from some sort of handicap that may be compensated for with the use of some cunning bit of craftwork. Dougal are often respected for their straightforward approach to things, but can be as hard as the metals they forge if sometimes hung up on theory. The Dougal are generally believed to have been exiled from Arcadia for their fascination with technology, their current leader being High Lord Donovan (who resides in an old factory Freehold somewhere in the west of the Kingdom of Apples).

House Eiluned


The Eiluned are sometimes called the House of Secrets, but the House of the Crescent Moon often respond to this with an enigmatic smile. From their founder Eiluned herself onward, the members of this House excel at Fae magics and many of the most potent sorcerors and seers are found here. Rumors abound about why the House was exiled, and indeed other details; the Eiluned sometimes find it more difficult to find trust with others, having a strong reputation for intrigue. Their High Lord Ariadne is rumored to traverse the Dreaming still, visiting secret and safe places on Earth randomly for whatever purpose. Whatever the truths may be, Eiluned are drawn to intrigue and secrets like a moth to flame, and this nominally Seelie House can find their alliegences slipping into Unseelie ways at times.

House Fiona


This house is the most popular among the Commoners, and tends to be the loosest in its interpretation of tradition (at least among the Seelie houses). They are known for their exceeding bravery, and tendency to get involved in epic tragic romances. Fearless except where their lovers are concerned, Fiona are drawn to danger and forbidden things with a passion to rival the Satyr. Of all the Houses, Fiona tend to have the most Commoner members, and there are whispers that in shock and rage over the Beltain Massacre many Fiona joined the Commoner side of the War or at the very least held back in battle. Fiona are the most likely of the five Houses to be found as wandering adventurers. Good Queen Mab of Apples is herself a Fiona, one of the oldest and most respected in Concordia. Rumors abound of an affair between Fiona and a mortal being part of the reason of the House's exile, though even High Lord Rathsmere may not recall the full truth.

House Gwydion


The most powerful of the noble Houses, politically, they see themselves as the true rulers of the fae. They are able to divine the truth from lies, and have an unfortunate tendency to go berserk in battle. Some of the higest nobles in the land are Gwydion, a fair share of Concordia's monarchs to say nothing of High King David himself. Gwydion tend to be conservative and duty-bound, and are capable of some great rages and force when necessary. Gwydion believe that their founder has been repeatedly reborn throughout history as a great leader amongst mortals (though always Sidhe), and they claim that they came to Earth not from exile but of their own accord. The Gwydion are led by High Lord Ardanon, who resides in the Freehold of the One True Dream in Germany and Dreams of power and rulership. The vast majority of what members there are from Commoner Kiths in this House are Trolls, whose nobility and battle prowess is respected by the Sidhe.

House Liam


The defenders of mortals, those of this House are those most likely to retain strong ties to humans. They are known for their skill in affecting mortals with Glamour, but are dishonored, and considered oathbroken to the other Houses and some Commoners. It is said that Lord Liam was the only leader of a House to argue against vengeance upon humanity for the forces of Banality, and some Sidhe even hold them partially responsible for the spread. It is entirely possible that many of this House returned to Earth willingly, and they have indeed spread farther than any of their compatriots. Liam hold few territories and even fewer openly, and while they are accepting of all few Commoners would take membership or title from one of this House. Their High Lord Noman appears as a beggar, wandering the world in secret with a changing face and aiding those of his House in times of great strife. Liam often serve supplimentary positions in a Court, particularly to the Gwydion who for some reason refuse to allow others to mistreat them.

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