The game for April 23rd is taking place primarily in Riverside Park. See for information on the park itself.

The setting is a small restaurant in Riverside park. There's a small almost arena-like area below the highway with a large fountain (which has a stone bench indentation around it) in the center. To one side is the restaurant area, which has another set of stairs going down to the water, and the place is strung up with small colored lights and chinese lanterns.
There are a few tables and chairs there, each with a small latern on it. Inside the lanterns are small mobile chimerical lights that look almost like teeny tiny pixies. Waiters andw aitresses in simple black and white move around with trays of food.

Present known NPCs

  • Baron Nelson ap Gwydion.
  • "Moe," Pooka in service to Baron Nelson
  • Roderick Velasquez, "Rod"
  • Jenny Carver, Boggan doctor and student of Count Gwion.
  • A handful of nobles, commoners and kinain.
  • Sir Galen is a handsome man, with shoulder-length hair so blonde it seems silver. His features are handsome like a strong figure in a Renissance painting. He has a simple silver chain surcoat, and both his boots, gloves and short cloak are stylishly black (the interior of the cloak having silver within). His clasp is a silver dragon, and he has a sheathed blade at either hip as well as a dagger and three pouches. His eyes are a piercing, almost purplish blue. With him are:
  • Ricardo is a strong man (Troll), built not unlike a brick wall. He has short-cut dark hair and wears black leather armor with metal studs. He has a flanged mace at his side, a short axe on the other, and has a simple shield with a silver dragon on it strapped to his back. Also there is Sir Anthony, a coldly handsome man with an air of arrogance to him. He wears simple blue and silver, a tabard of a spreading tree over chain armor. He carries a slim longsword sheathed at his side, and a knife on the other.


Hors’d oeuvres:

Balsamic-Marinated Mini Beef Brochettes

Asiago-Stuffed Dates with Pancetta and Smoked Paprika

Smoky Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Garlic-Parsley Mojo

Moroccan Salmon Lollipops with Citrus Yogurt Sauce

Broiled Oysters with Garlic-Tarragon Crust

Tuscan Kale Chips


  • Hazelnut and Espresso Ice Cream Bombe
  • Petit Fours Selection (Baba au Rhum, Mini Napoleons, Mini Éclairs, Dark Chocolate and Framboise Tartlet)
  • Chocolate Truffle Brownies with Lavender Essence and Almond Ice Cream
  • Caramel and Cream Torte with Spun Sugar Crisp

PC Descriptions

  • Sir Francisco Carthage wears black trousers and a dove gray mandarin collar dress shirt with simple crimson studs and a matching black vest. His hair is tied back in a simple club. Chimerically speaking, he is also wearing a crimson half-cape with black lining and his weapon of office, a gleaming scimitar, on his left hip.
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