Fae Traditions

There are any number of Fae traditions, laws and the like; key amongst these are the Escheat and the Court codes.

The Escheat

The Right of Demesne

A lord is the king of his domain. He is the judge and jury over all crimes, large and small. His word is law. A noble expects obedience from his vassals and respect from all others. In return, a noble respects those lords superior to him.

The Right to Dream

Mortals have a right to dream unhindered by our needs. No one is allowed to use Glamour to manipulate the creative process. Although you may inspire creativity in the mortal mind, it is forbidden to give direct instruction or to infuse a human with raw Glamour.

The Right of Ignorance

Do not betray the Dreaming to Banality. Never reveal yourself to humanity.

The Right of Rescue

All Kithain have the right to expect rescue from the foul grip of Banality. Kithain are required to rescue other faeries or any creature of the Dreaming trapped by those who serve Banality.

The Right of Save Haven

All Kithain and chimera who seek refuge in places of the dreaming must be admitted. Freeholds and other places of the Dreaming must be kept free of Banality and worldly violence.

The Right of Life

No Kithain shall spill the lifeblood of another Kithain. No Kithain shall bring salt tears upon the earth. No Kithain shall take from the Dreaming one of its own.

The Seelie Code

The Seelie have a reputation as the guardians of fae traditions. They are the peacekeepers, protectors of the weak, and the ideals of chivalry. Most Seelie seek the reunion between the mortal world and the dreaming, and would like to be back to the time before the realms became divided.

  • Death before dishonor - Honor is the most important virtue, the source of all glory.
  • Love conquers all - Love lies at the heart of the Dreaming. True love transcends all and epitomizes what it means to be Seelie.
  • Beauty is life - Beauty is a timeless, objective quality that, while it cannot be defined, is always recognized for itself.
  • Never forget a debt - One gift deserves another. The recipient of a gift is obliged to return the favor

The Unseelie Code

Where the Seelie dedicate themselves to preserving the traditions of the fae, the Unseelie style themselves as mockers of those traditions. They stand for the principles of constant change and impulsive action. They have a reputation for fostering war and madness, despising those weaker than themselves, and valuing freedom and wildness over any chivalric code. The Unseelie see themselves as radical visionaries, bringing about vital change and transformation through whatever means necessary, including violence. Most members of the Unseelie court believe that the Dreaming has abandoned them, and therefore, that they owe no special loyalty to it or to their lost home of Arcadia.

  • Change is good - Security does not exist. The slightest of circumstances can transform a king into a peasant. Chaos and discord rule the universe. Adapt or die.
  • Glamour is free - Glamour is worthless unless used. Acquire it by any means possible, and you will never be without a constant supply.
  • Honor is a lie - Honor has no place in the modern world. It is a fairy tale constructed to cover the essential emptiness behind most traditions.
  • Passion before duty - Passion is the truest state of the fae spirit. Follow your instincts and act on your impulses. Live life to the fullest without regard to the consequences, they will come about regardless of what you do. Youth passes quickly, so have fun while you can. Death can come at any time, so live without regret.

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