Cynthia Rose

Kith: Sidhe Kinain

Title: N/A

House: N/A

Age: Early 20s


Cynthia stands around 5'9" and holds a clearly athletic build to her. She is most often seen in jeans and a tank top, or a summer dress. Her eyes are striking and lilac in colouring, perhaps a little odd. Her long red hair falls well past her waist, and her ears are never showing. She has a certain quality of warmth to her, though her features show an almost sharpness or noble edge to them. (appearance 5, changeling eyes, pointed ears)

Aliases/Nicknames: She is known as Cyn as well

Publicly Known Information

Known History:

Cynthia is a known botanist within the city, working within the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. She is known to be extremely friendly to those within the park, and has a fondness for children.

She lives with an aunt named Wendy. Her mother having died when she was young and her father left for whatever unknown reason as of yet.

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:

Deeds Done:



OOC Information


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Player Info

Player: Jeanne

Location: Victoria BC

Contact info: moc.liamg|61ratstelracS#moc.liamg|61ratstelracS

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