Character Creation

Source Material

  • Changeling characters are made using Changeling the Dreaming: Second Edition.
  • Kinain use Changeling the Dreaming: Second Edition and the suppliment The Enchanted.
  • The Player's Guide and various other suppliments are of use as well, but not necessary.

Those who need assistance will have it given. You'll find a blank character sheet for Changelings at the bottom of the page in the Files section.

Also, I will be giving 5 extra freebies to characters who complete the 100 Questions or the "Million" Questions which can be found in the Files section below.

After a full background and sheet are submitted, the character will be approved with up to 10 freebie points worth of additional items for their character based upon said background and concept. Principally this will go towards secondary Abilities and Backgrounds. Submit both to moc.liamg|vodkwah#nerraW. Poke him on GChat or MIRC when you want to talk characters.

Creating Changelings

Go through the process of creation and add another 5 freebie points on top of what the book gives you. Write a background too…concepts and backgrounds rock.

  • The Background of Title will be relatively limited.
  • Shadow Court Prestige or any related backgrounds will not be allowed at character creation.
  • Commoner Kithain are welcome to take a House and no Title, but their background and whom they are sworn to should be reflected.
  • Eastern Fae are not currently allowed
  • Extremely disruptive and/or antagonistic concepts are discouraged. The game is just getting started - PC's who want to cause trouble will only make building relationships and establishing the game more difficult. That is not to say they will be denied… just carefully examined.

Accepted Kiths: Boggans, Clurichans (some), Eshu, Nockers, Piskies (some), Pooka, Recaps, Satyr, Sidhe, Sluagh, Trolls
Accepted Houses (at start): Dougal, Eiluned, Fiona, Gwydion, Liam

Creating Kinain

Like Changelings, Kinain are created from their base rules in The Enchanted.

  • Kinain begin with no Arts and Realms
  • 6/4/3 for attributes and 11/7/5 for abilities.
  • Additionally they get 5 "Fae Gifts" and a free level of the Fae Blood background.
  • 26 freebie points rather than 20.

Note that A Kinain's Arts and Realms may not exceed their Fae Blood.
Kinain may NOT begin with Title of any kind. Though some may have Houses, similarly to Commoners (nobles love pets).

Some Notes On Creation

  • Please make a totalling of your Freebie points; i.e. what you spent where.
  • The Merit/Flaw cap is 7 for points. A player is welcome to take more Flaws with no additional benefit, and if there are two Merits that a player wants that total up to more than 7 points between them, this may be open for discussion with the Storyteller.
  • Any Commoner who wants Title should have a very good reason.
  • Some Arts are off-limits to players at start, but they may well exist and be learnable from various NPCs in the world.
  • Influence will used a modification of the LARP system; still a background rated 1-5, players must now state what area their Influence is and may take in more than one. Careful though…too much of this may be seen as Banal.
  • Sidhe do not need to take Title; even those who do not hold rank are considered amongst the nobility. Think of the extended families of nobility, and those who hold higher position. Whether or not they have Title, all Sidhe fall under the Fae 2 realm.
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