Connor Patrick

Kith: Clurichaun

Title: None

House: None

Seeming: Wilder


  • Rusty red hair, some faint creases and dressed like a poor college student. He stands 5'4" and currently his right eye is a black pit with dancing emerald fire normally covered by an eye patch as his left swirls with the too bright green of Hibernian hills. Most days his hair is not combed and his face isn't shaved.

Aliases/Nicknames: "Con"

Publically Known Information

Known History:

  • He speaks of previous wars and being from Boston, most everything else you can't get a straight answer for.
  • Claims to be in New York, running from the Winter Hill Gang of Boston after being their Shylock, stole their money/drugs and killed the "Alpha Prick"

Fealty Chain and Motley-Mates:

  • He is alone.

Deeds Done:

  • Recently sacrificed "The Eye of Hibernia" (his right eye) to help Es and others free a captive Fire Elemental.
  • Gave up a treasure eye so that Ona could get answers she sought, after she blackmailed/threatened him for it. She had a change of heart and he gave it to the Gwydion Baron anyway.


  • Create a new life for himself in NYC
  • Escape something from his past.
  • Break his curse.

"Indulgence shows us we are alive. It allows us to breathe the air of the gods."
"All heroes are just villains seeking redemption."

OOC Information

  • Jack O'Neil - SG1
  • Odysseus - Greek Myth
  • Conn Cétchathach - Irish Myth
  • Eilan Garrack - ST:DS9
  • Tony Dinozzo - NCIS
  • Chili Palmer - Get Shorty
  • Has a fondness for hand puppets and aprons.
  • Others of his kith, really don't like him.
  • Sees Hibernia pre-Shattering at all times.
  • Has been banished from Boston, and can only return once he's successfully completed a 12 step program.
  • Once you go GREEN you never come clean!
  • Con has been rumored to have Affairs with numerous locals since coming into town.
  • Isn't really a Clurichaun.
  • Is loyal to something called "Broken Crown"
  • Has fallen for a young troll.
  • Stole the eye of a Gwydion Baron
  • Is turning into a Sidhe slowly… and it pisses him off.
  • Gave up his glass eye to Ona Blackmoore because she asked…this has lead Connor to being more surly more than usual.
  • Is actually very sweet once you get past all the grandstanding.
  • Has actually traveled through the Subways without permanent damage… and he remembers it!

Player Info

Player: Nick Glencross

Location: Boston, MA

Contact info: moc.liamg|relbeanris#moc.liamg|relbeanris

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