Herein lie just some of the people of the city (mostly NPCS). For specifically Player Characters, see said page. All of this lies within the Kingdom of Apples.


Duchy of the Golden Sigil

The bulk of New York State

Duke Kelodin

Troll Grump

Duke Dray ap Gwydion.

Sidhe and stuff

Duchy of the Crossroads


New York City, as well as a good portion of Westchester and Rockland counties


Duchess Eirene ni Fiona.

Sidhe Wilder, Twin ruler of the Duchy. The Duchess is well known for her patronage of the arts (and Arts), her fondness for music and desire to see romance blossom. Something of a hobby matchmaker, she is considered the more leniant and level-headed of the two. Her personal standard is the Fiona lion bordered by two gleaming argent keys.

Duke Maecenas ap Fiona.


Sidhe Wilder, Twin ruler of the Duchy. The Duke is everything the Fiona are renowned for; hot blooded in all senses and unable to sit still for long. He goes through lovers quickly, always returning to the companionship of other warriors between relationships. Enamored of warrior culture, he strives to keep himself in the peak of physical condition. His standard is two swords crossed behind the Fiona lion, blades pointed downward.

Lord Marshall Marshall ap Gwydion.

Sidhe Grump, once a potent warrior and lieutennant of the Accordance War, Lord Marshall (both name and title) has maintained a millitary lifestyle after being put in control of the Duchy's defense forces (with a focus on Manhattan). He has a reputation for honesty, if perhaps a bit draconian in methods. His hatred for the Arena crew is a matter of public record. Lord Marshall has no personal standard, but in battle can be identified by his awe-inspirit griffon helm.


Count Gwion Davis ap Eiluned.

Wilder Sidhe, Court sorceror and sainer. The Hibernian-born Count is a mystery to most; he goes out of his way to be polite to the Commoners and deal with them fairly, often even going so far as to take promising students regardless of Kith. His personal standard is a silver arcs of the moon phases over a golden key.

Baron Daedalus Blackmoore ap Eiluned.

Grump Sidhe, mysterious sorcerer who has a run-down freehold in the East River, on the same island where smallpox victims were kept decades prior.


Mauler of Bacon, kitten. Rumored to be of great power, The Devil, or the Dauphine of the Redcap Kith

County of Kings

Ironically named, this County consists of Brooklyn proper, as well as the canals and piers thereof

Count Talbot Roarke ap Dougal

He holds Breezy Point and the marinas nearby as his personal domain and loves to sail.

Baron Javier Montague ap Eiluned

Sidhe Wilder and Baron of the Montague Street area, in long-standing border dispute with Baroness Mirabelle.

Baroness Mirabelle Cortez ni Fiona

Passionate keeper of the Cobble Hill area. Sidhe Wilder. As her neighborhood as improved significantly, this Sidhe's star has risen somewhat.

Baroness Alice ni Fiona and Baroness Gwenevieve ni Fiona

These two Baronesses hold the Park Slope together in tandem, and reign from their Freehold in lovingly restored Pavilion movie theatre.

Baron Tyr Half-Hand ap Dougal

Troll Grump and baron of the Pearl Street area. Sometimes referred to as "Bridge Troll" behind his back because his area covers entrances to the Brooklyn and Manhatten Bridge.

Parchment Fortress

Not an individual, but rather a small motley of young wilder musicians consisting of a rabbit pooka drummer, Satyr bassist and Nocker guitarist. Wooo!

The Prospect Park Collective

Led by a surprisingly adept political pigeon Pooka Wilder named Alfie, this Commoner mew (or possibly several mews) has been entrusted with the watching and care of Prospect Park.

County of the Five Torches

Five Torches is primarily made up of Rockland county. Though a generally suburban area in the Autumn world, the Dreaming side of things is more faint, more wild than others. This area has the greatest concentration of difficulty with Nunnuhi and wild chimera…and other things.

Count Christopher Morgan ap Gwydion

Sidhe Wilder. Count Morgan tries to do well by his people, although having to deal with constant clashes and quarrels has given him something of the legendary Gwydion temper.

County of the River's Peace

Composed of the majority of Westchester County. While many Sidhe felt that after his wife died Count Stone should be removed for having neither House nor Sidhe nature, even most of his harshest critics find difficulty faulting the orderly organization of his County.

Count Albert Stone

Widower of Countess Jessica Stone ni Fiona. Troll Grump.

Baroness Catherine ni Dougal

She of the Golden Hair and Baroness of the White Plains area. Sidhe Grump, trusted with what is the mortal-side seat of the County, and master craftswoman.

Baron Percivel Grey ap Gwydion

His fae name is concealed even from him, Baron of the River's Watch. Sidhe Wilder, boating and war tactics enthusiast.

Baron Ralston ap Fiona

Holder of the Barony of Rye. Sidhe Wilder.

The Knight's Peace

A small patrolling band of Knights who watch over the County led by Sir Charles McTavish ap Fiona. They are Sir William McKay, Knight of the Road (Eshu Wilder), Dame Elita of the Bright Wheel ni Dougal (Sidhe Wilder) and Sir Martin of the Cold Eyes ap Gwydion (Sidhe Wilder). Often assisted by their squires, they tend to patrol on lovingly personalized motorcycles.

The Black Widow

A Sluagh residing within the Mount Pleasent area (esp. Sleepy Hollow). It is rumored that her husband was one of those betrayed during the Night of Iron Knives, and she has worn a widow's veil ever since. Known as a powerful Seer and considered a witch by many, and not fond of Sidhe.


Troll Wilder and overseer of Count Stone's own forces.

Trind Sweetwater

Boggan Wilder and Chancellor to the County.


Eshu Wilder, college student, Herald and Trabadour extraordinaire.

Barony of the Three Rivers

Serving the Duke and Duchess directly, this Barony is a formal designation for the watching of the two major County rivers, Harlem River, and several of the smaller islands around.

Baron Nelson ap Gwydion

The Sea Wolf, Sidhe Wilder. Baron Nelson is one of the strongest devotees of ships and a student of naval combat. He tends to patrol the Hudson more than any other, using the 79th Street marina in Riverside Park.

Baroness Renata ni Gwydion

A Sidhe Wilder. Wife of Baron Nelson, she and her forces generally patrol the East River. Baroness Renata is known to enjoy the South Street Seaport as well as the docked aircraft carriers.

Sir Jones ap Liam

Sidhe Wilder Sir Jones, or "Jonesy" as some call him, has been given the task of patrolling the Harlem River almost entirely upon his own.

The Knuckleheads

Moe, Larry and Curly, Pooka Wilders. Three aquatic-formed Pooka who assist and traverse over the rivers and the bay, they got these names when some unknown party termed them "The Knuckleheads." Actual names: Jacques, Jim and Jennifer (don't call her Curly).


Just as in the mortal world, Manhattan gets some more attention from the Fae than other boroughs. Divided into three Counties despite having a smaller population than some other boroughs, the Fae of the city justify it with that Manhatten is so much fuller of Dreamers and Glamour, requires more division.

County of the Shifting Dream

Composed of lower Manhatten and containing some of the oldest part of the city, the County of Shifting Dreams holds the financial district, Chinatown, Liberty Park, NYU and others. It cuts off sharply past 34th Street, which some claim is just a play to have access to the Financial Institute of Technology and Penn Station.

Count Gwillim ap Gwydion

Grump Sidhe. Aged somewhat from the Banality generated by parts of his area, Gwillim tries to actively look over his lands believing that it is a noble's responsibility to do just that. Traditionalist, but he's garnered respect even from those who faced him during the Accordance War.

Sir Juergen ap Gwydion

Troll Grump. Another veteran of the Accordance War, Sir Juergen is moderately grim and likes chicken.

County of the Bright Night

This County is generally considered one of the most desirable in all New York. It goes from the 34th Street border all the way to the end of Central Park. Covering some of the wealthier residential areas of Manhatten, this County takes its name from the lights of Broadway and Times Square. It's County Seat lies amongst Rockafeller Center, but its Countess is known to have a more personal Freehold in Madame Toussad's House of Wax.

Countess Lillian DeMoray ni Fiona

Sidhe Wilder. Ascending to the position after the shocking death of its former Countess (see Timeline) , Countess Lillian has made her mark on this potent County. Already able to garner a singificant amount of Glamour, somewhat unusual for Sidhe (particularly those of higher Title) the Countess owns and is decently active in a talent and representation agency. Her area may have trouble, but she can afford to pay it off.

Baroness Carmina ni Eiluned

Sidhe Wilder, Baroness of the Frozen Smile. Though she entertains a somewhat unfair reputation as an ice queen, rumors about that she was left cold from an affair with Countess DeMoray. Regardless, she holds the Frozen Smile Barony from Madame Toussad's House of Wax.

Lady Melanie ni Dougal

Sidhe Wilder. Though only a Knight in rank Lady Melanie is tasked with overseeing Grand Central Station; one of the iconic locations of New York City. Well known for mastery of Wayfare.


Eshu Wilder. Last name (or perhaps real name) unknown, Dahlia assists Lady Melanie and the city by having one of the best knowledges of the Trods going to and from Grand Central Station.

Roderick Velasquez

aka "Lou," Nocker Grump. Lou is a mechanic and former conductor, as well as a mechanical iad to Lady Melanie. He helps to make sure the trains run smoothly and in a timely manner to keep the dreams smooth and without the Banality of delays. Offered a Squireship more than once, Roderick just mutters something and leaves it as being a member of House Dougal.

County of the Northern Reach

Consisting of Manhatten north of Central Park, this County is a large mix of different views of New York, sharp contrasts between areas. Its County Seat lies in the Cloisters, one of the most envied Freeholds in New York City.

Count Daniel Freedmont ap Fiona

Sidhe Wilder. This passionate warrior is well known for his hospitality, and the ferocity to which he protects those in his domain.

Baron Noel Frost ap Dougal

Sidhe Wilder. This metal-working Baron gets along well with his friends and actually oversees a garage near Colombia University. Known for working well with Commoners.

Doctor Issachar Graves

Sluagh Grump. Dr. Graves is a forensic pathologist of significant renown, and has worked in the New York area as long as anyone can remember.


Those not beholden or local to any one place, or somehow…outside of the systems.

The Underlord

More of a legend than a factual individual, there are rumors that someone has claimed "Count of the Undergrounds, Lord of the Shadows and dark places below." The Sluagh have been curiously quiet about this, but few subway stations often fall into Fae interests…let alone what lies beyond them in the labrynths of tunnels.


The Political Prisoner, Grump Redcap. Once Rotbeard was just another Redcap, one with a reputation of particular creep and unsavory habits. A common voice when drunk (which was frequent) for Commoner freedoms (or maybe just flagrant disregard for authority of any kind) Rotbeard surprised everyone including himself when he led a small uprising on the 33rd anniversary of the Beltaine Massacre. Rotbeard was captured leading some moderately confused and well-soused "troops" when he had the misfortune of running into the Duke and a few of his vassals on their way to a party. Since, Rotbeard has been imprisoned in the Spire of Tears both as punishment to himself and a reminder to others of how not to do things, every now and then doing something within his prison to earn himself more jail time. It's rumored he does this out of a fear of Forgetting, preferring even a dream-prison to a freedom wthout Banality.

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