Faerie magic tends to come in the form of Cantrips, which have two componants. There are Arts which govern what they can do, and Realms which govern what they can affect with magic. Cantrips are brought about by what are called Bunks; various actions taken by the Changeling to bring their magic into the world.|
There are many more Arts than these in the world; some rare, some lost to time, some hidden away and some best forgotten.




This is the art of deception and mental trickery. Changelings are renowned for their abilities as illusionists and pranksters, and much of this reputation is derived from the use of this Art. Chicanery is usually looked upon as a "commoner's Art", but some nobles have been known to use it. The levels of Chicanery are as follows:

  • 1 - Fuddle. This cantrip allows a changeling to confuse a target's perceptions, making them perhaps mistake one person for another, or night for day.
  • 2 - Veiled Eyes. This cantrip makes a subject more difficult to see. It doesn't actually render them invisible, it just makes it so they are less likely to be noticed.
  • 3 - Fugue. This cantrip removes memories from a target. What sort of memories and for how long depends on how well it was cast.
  • 4 - Haunted Heart. Enables the changeling to induce or strengthen emotions based on real or false memories of the target.
  • 5 - Captive Heart. Makes the target think they are something else, and makes them susceptible to the caster's suggestions. What they think they are is up to the caster, anything from a mouse to a riding mower is possible.



This Art is one that is used to traverse and, in some ways manipulate, the Dreaming. The Dreaming is a very strange and chaotic place, and those with this Art are prized as guides there. This Art can not, for the most part, be used outside of the Dreaming, but those who have mastered it are nearly gods there. Dream-Craft is known to few outside of the Sidhe, and is detailed in either Nobles the Shining Host or its revised form in Dreams and Nightmares.

  • 1 - Find the Silver Path. This cantrip is used to find the Silver Path in the Dreaming. The Dreaming is a chaotic and dangerous place, and one of the few places of relative stability outside of freeholds are the trods, or Silver Paths. It can be dangerous to leave it for even a moment, and if you do, you may never find it again. This also enables you to tell the real thing from imitations.
  • 2 - The Merry Dance. Every so often, a force whips through the Dreaming, changing the landscape as it goes in wild and chaotic ways. This force is called the "Firchliss". This cantrip enables the caster to influence what changes the Firchliss will bring. Needless to say, trying to modify a power like the Firchliss is a dangerous task to undertake.
  • 3 - Anchor. This cantrip enables the caster to set a dwelling or object of some sort in the Dreaming, anchoring it to a trod, and keeping it stable from the chaotic changes of the Firchliss.
  • 4 - Dream-Riding. This allows the changeling to interact with and alter a mortal's dreams while the caster is in the Dreaming. It may alternatively be used to ride a mortal's dreams from the mundane world into the Dreaming, though there's no way to control where they'll end up.
  • 5 - Dream Weaving. This powerful cantrip enables the caster to literally create a permanent structure or entity in the Dreaming. Such a feat requires much of the caster in the way of Glamour, though this can be replenished while in the Dreaming. Such creations are not necessarily bound to their creator, and may run off to establish their own existence in the Dreaming.



The Art of illusion and telekinesis, this is another "commoner Art" but some nobles do use it.

  • 1 - Gimmix. This allows the caster to manipulate things telekinetically. A hand gesture that mimics the motion is a required part of the casting.
  • 2 - Ensnare. Used to trip up and trap targets, this cantrip can also be used to cause a large object (up to 300 lbs) to move about quickly.
  • 3 - Effigy. This creates an illusionary duplicate of something the caster can see or touch at the time. An Effigy doesn't have any of the abilities of the original (ie. an Effigy of a person won't have any of their knowledge or skills, an Effigy of a television doesn't operate), but the caster may supply it with certain "special effects" to make the illusion more convincing.
  • 4 - Mooch. This favorite cantrip of thieves allows the caster to steal something from someone else, just by having it disappear and reappear in the caster's possession. The thing stolen must be something the caster can see, or has seen in the past minute.
  • 5 - Phantom Shadows. This cantrip creates temporary chimera that will (if it is an animate chimera) know intrinsically what its creator's wishes are, and carry them out. Some chimera created by this Art become released from their casters, and are then free-willed creatures, seeking out the Glamour to sustain their existence.



This Art deals with shapeshifting and disguise, it was widely used by commoners during the Interregnum to aid in fitting in among the mortals, and most nobles disdain it preferring to learn the more noble Primal for shapechanging. Metamorphosis is detailed in The Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner.

  • 1 - Hidden Form. Causes the subject to be camouflaged and harder to see. Differs from Veiled Eyes (Chicanery **) mainly in that this cantrip is physical camouflage rather than mental trickery.
  • 2 - Impersonate. Allows the subject to look like someone else, or another kith. May affect the entire physical form or only the fae mien. It is difficult, but possible, to make the subject appear as a specific individual.
  • 3 - Go Ask Alice. This cantrip enables the size of the subject to be changed, either to make them larger or smaller. It is often used in conjunction with other levels of this Art to enable size changes.
  • 4 - Merlin's Lessons. This cantrip is used to change a subject into an animal. It can, but does not always, give the natural advantages of the animal form in question (ie. allowing birds to fly, and fish to breathe water).
  • 5 - Mythic Transformation. Allows the subject to be changed into a mythical beast of some sort. The transformation may include all traditional powers and frailties of the creature, but this costs the caster a permanent Glamour point. Anyone so transformed runs the risk of being shunted into the Dreaming if confronted with Banality, like a chimerical creature that comes under mortal scrutiny.



This Art deals with the physical world, and is said to have been taught to the Kithain by the Inanimae. Indeed, the different levels of Primal do seem to draw from some similar effects found in the magic used by the Inanimae. Those who practice Primal are often considered solid people, salt of the earth types.

  • 1 - Willow Whisper. This enables the caster to speak to and ask questions of anything they have the Realm for. The object spoken to may have very different thought patterns from human, and the answers may be vague.
  • 2 - Eldritch Prime. This enables the caster to create elements (earth, air, fire, water, and plant matter) that they have the Realm for. Depending on the nature of the element, it may be used for attack or defense (with the Realm of the target as well).
  • 3 - Oakenshield. This cantrip makes the subject more durable, by adding Health Levels. This extra defense lasts until it is used, or until another Oakenshield is cast over it.
  • 4 - Heather Balm/Holly Strike. This cantrip either heals or harms, depending on which variety the caster wishes to invoke.
  • 5 - Elder Form. This cantrip changes the subject into something else (specified by the Realm) temporarily. The duration may be shortened by exposure to Banality.



The Art of fire. This Art can generate flame or light for a variety of purposes. Pyretics is detailed in Changeling Player's Guide.

  • 1 - Will o' the Wisp. This cantrip creates a ball of light that leads to the subject of the cantrip, wherever they may be.
  • 2 - Willow Light. This cantrip creates illumination. Whatever the subject is will glow brightly.
  • 3 - Prometheus' Fist. This cantrip engulfs the subject in flame, allowing it to cause damage to anything it comes in contact with. It is commonly used to enhance the effectiveness of a weapon temporarily. The caster and the subject are immune to the flame's damage.
  • 4 - Boil and Burn. This cantrip allows the caster to engulf a subject in flames again, like Prometheus' Fist, but this time the flames do damage and consume the subject. Fire created with this cantrip will spread, just like a normal fire.
  • 5 - Star Body. Similar to Prometheus' Fist but longer lasting. This cantrip is often cast on an item or chimerical guardian, to make it more powerful. This fire will not spread unless the recipient wishes it to. This cantrip may last for up to a week.



The Art of fortelling and prophecy, Soothsay is much used by both commoners and nobles. Some say this Art simply predicts what will come, some say it alters the future itself.

  • 1 - Omen. The caster receives clues as to the nature of the subject, and their plans.
  • 2 - Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair. This cantrip is used to endow a subject with luck, either good or bad. It can be used to help or hinder a subject's actions, or cause them to find or lose something.
  • 3 - Tattletale. A scrying cantrip, this is a favorite power of spies. This cantrip enables the caster to watch a subject from any distance.
  • 4 - Augury. This cantrip allows the caster to see the future. Basically, the caster describes the future event, and the cantrip is used to determine if it comes about. This cantrip can amount to wish fulfillment, but as always, the wisher should be careful what they ask for.
  • 5 - Fate Fire. This cantrip determines the fate of the subject, good or bad, and brings it about. This cantrip enforces "karmic justice", bringing about good fates for the deserving, and ill for the less scrupulous. This fate is almost always "poetically just" in nature, whatever the results.



The Art of rulership, this Art is found most in the hands of nobles, though some few others have unlocked its secrets as well. This Art has no effect on a subject who has a higher title than the caster, and works most effectively on those of lower station, making it less useful for commoners in any event.

  • 1 - Protocol. This cantrip enforces the rules of etiquette of the changeling court upon its subject or subjects. It is often cast over audiences before a noble court, in order to ensure that there will be no interruptions on the part of the childlings and Unseelie present.
  • 2 - Dictum. This cantrip allows the caster to make a request of the subject, and then expect that request to be carried out, so long as it is not directly harmful to the subject.
  • 3 - Grandeur. This cantrip causes the subject(s) to cower before them as they would before a god. It is used to impress people into speechlesness, and to intimidate. It isn't very good for holding court, as nobody under the influence of the cantrip can do much other than stare in awe. The sidhe use this power sparingly, as those influenced by Grandeur often fall in love with the caster.
  • 4 - Weaver Ward. This cantrip seals things shut magically. It can be used to make a box unopenable (except by those who know how to circumvent the ward), imprison someone in a room, or even seal somebody's mouth shut. This cantrip is directly opposed by Portal Passage (Wayfare ***).
  • 5 - Geas. This is used to place a geas or ban on the subject. It can be used to send them on a quest, or to forbid them to do a certain thing. A geas can last forever, even into other incarnations.



This is the Art of travel and movement. It is widely known and used by commoners and nobles alike. It is especially favored by messengers, warriors, and Eshu.

  • 1 - Hopscotch. This cantrip allows the subject to leap great heights or distances. If it is cast upon something that does not normally leap under its own power, the cantrip hurls it into the air.
  • 2 - Quicksilver. This cantrip allows the subject to move at super speed, giving them additional actions, and allowing them to travel greater distances in less time.
  • 3 - Portal Passage. This cantrip creates a portal in whatever surface the caster has a Realm for that enables passage to the other side of that surface. This cantrip directly opposes Weaver Ward (Sovereign ****). It is also required to open Trods and Raths.
  • 4 - Wind Runner. This cantrip allows the subject to fly temporarily. Regardless of who cast the cantrip, the flight is controlled by the recipient.
  • 5 - Flicker Flash. This cantrip moves the subject to any other place the caster knows, holds a piece of, or can see.




This Realm is used to affect mortals, and includes other supernaturals who are not changelings, and sentient animals. Boggans, Clurichauns and Piskies all share an Affinity with this Realm.

  • 1 - True Friend. This is used to affect someone the caster knows well and who is not hostile towards the caster.
  • 2 - Personal Contact. This is used to affect someone the caster has seen more than once and spoken to, they also cannot be hostile toward the caster.
  • 3 - Familiar Face. This is used to affect someone the caster has seen more than once, and who is not hostile to them.
  • 4 - Complete Stranger. This may be used to affect someone the caster has never met before so long as they bear the caster no ill will.
  • 5 - Dire Enemy. This is used to affect someone who is at odds with the caster, including friends that may be currently hostile towards the caster.



This Realm is used to affect Changelings, Chimera, and things of Glamour. Satyrs and Trolls both share an Affinity with this Realm.

  • 1 - Hearty Commoner. This is used to affect non-titled Kithain.
  • 2 - Lofty Noble. This is used to affect any Kithain with a title.
  • 3 - Manifold Chimera. This is used to affect anything chimerical, living and non-living.
  • 4 - Elusive Gallain. This is used to affect any changelings that are not Kithain, and as a catch-all for all creatures that possess Glamour or are of the Dreaming but fall into no other category.
  • 5 - Dweomer of Glamour. This is used to affect cantrips, treasures, enchantments, dross, freeholds, trods and other things which possess Glamour or some other form of magic, but fall into no other category.



This Realm is used to affect things of the natural world which have not been changed by the hand of man, and are not magical or enchanted. Pooka, Redcaps and Selkies all share an Affinity with this Realm (by far the most common Affinity).

  • 1 - Raw Material. Includes anything that is both organic and non-living, but has not been shaped into a tool (ie. a stick falls under Nature *, but a stick that has been fashioned into a cane or walking stick is Prop **). Almost all food falls under this Realm.
  • 2 - Verdant Forest. This is used to affect living plant matter.
  • 3 - Feral Animal. This is used to affect living, non-sentient animals.
  • 4 - Natural Phenomena. Includes natural occurences: sunlight, weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc.
  • 5 - Base Element. Includes the Greek elements of earth, air, fire and water, as well as all true elements.



This includes all things created and crafted: clothing, tools, vehicles, etc. Nockers and Sluagh both share an Affinity with this Realm.

  • 1 - Ornate Garb. This affects anything that is worn (clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc.).
  • 2 - Crafted Tool. An item with no moveable parts (swords, shields, hammers, etc.).
  • 3 - Mechanical Device. An item with moveable parts, but not requiring fuel to operate (wind-up watch, gun, lawn chair, etc.).
  • 4 - Complex Machine. Includes things that require fuel or elecricity, but with an easily understandable mechanism (car, toaster, refrigerator, etc.).
  • 5 - Arcane Artifact. Any crafted item not listed above with complex components (TV, computer, stereo, etc.).



This Realm is used to affect an area, and is often used in conjunction with other Realms to affect more than one subject (though the Realms for all subjects to be affected are also required). Eshu have an affinity with this Realm.

  • 1 - Chamber. Up to 25 square feet.
  • 2 - Cottage. Up to 200 square feet.
  • 3 - House. Up to 750 square feet.
  • 4 - Park. Up to 2,000 square feet.
  • 5 - Kingdom. Up to 50,000 square feet.



This Realm is used only as a modifying Realm, to set a delay on the cantrip. This allows the cantrip to be cast, but have it take effect at a later time. No kiths are known to have an Affinity with this Realm.

  • 1 - 1 turn
  • 2 - 1 hour
  • 3 - 1 day
  • 4 - 1 week
  • 5 - 1 month

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